2016 Londinium L1 For Sale

2016 Londinium L1 For Sale

Located in Vancouver, Canada.

I recently moved from a house to an apartment and my lever machine no longer will fit my space.  I'm looking to move to something else like an Apartamento.  I will miss my Londinium greatly, but such is life!

I've attached photos of the machine from before I moved, it has been disconnected for 2 months now, and the seals on the piston will need replacing.  I haven't done any other servicing over the years apart from group and piston seal replacements, so it might need a little more love and attention.  Hoping to sell quickly as I want to get new equipment.

Looking for $2000 CAD for the L1

I also have a Compak E8 EOD that I bought with the L1 which is also for sale.  It is also too big for my new place. 

Looking for $1500 CAD for the E8

I can take other photos of it with an updated timestamp on request, but like I said it's all disassembled right now.

Thanks for looking!