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      • For Sale Londinium R - 2018 - £1750

        Excellent condition Londinium R (2018) Run on RO water and Spring Water. 1 user owned the machine before me, who was the original owner. I have only owned this since the end of last year. Both of us are senior members on the CoffeeForumUK. Reason for

        hi there, is anyone in the EU in need of that part? Doesn´t fit my LR24 but returning is no option cause of the costs. It is brand new, just bought two
      • Londinium R 2020 For Sale

        Excellent condition, wireless module, new no grease seals, run on RO water. Lovely machine. For sale is my Londinium R that I purchased new in April 2020. Its been used for an average of 2 shots a day since then and hasn't missed a beat. Comes with the
      • [FS] Weber Key - Onyx

        Selling my Weber Key Onyx with standard and magic tumbler. Also included is the new bean feeder. Purchased in October of 2022. Shipping not included. Shipping from CA. Asking $1500
      • LR 2018 with digital preinfusion for sale switzerland zurich

        LR 2018 with digital preinfusion for sale switzerland zurich - reason i would like to upgrade to LR24
      • Londinium L1 circa. 2014 for sale

        Londinium L1 for sale, wonderful condition. Comes with: Naked PF Londinium button tamper pluming in bits and bobs (for in line water supply) Lockseal grease supplied original double spout portafilter Decent basket IMS basket cafelat Shower screen two
      • New Double Spout Portafilter

        A brand new portafilter. I bought it because it wasn't included with my second hand LR, but the seller found it later and I received it anyway. I ask €67 for this portafilter , which is the price you pay brand new, minus VAT and shipping. If you are in
      • 2017, LR for sale, Berlin Germany

        Im selling my baby. This is my dream machine and I hate to but I can’t give it the attention it deserves. I’ve been busy and gone quite a lot the last couple years and unfortunately the LR has been sitting. Because it was sitting the  pump has died and
      • 2016 L1 for sale [SOLD]

        My L1 is for sale.  I bought it new in Sept 2016.  Always used RO water with additive (Third Wave or Global Customized).  It’s in excellent condition.  Comes with tool that makes changing seals a breeze!  Also comes with set of new seals and group head
      • 2016 Londinium L1 For Sale

        Located in Vancouver, Canada. I recently moved from a house to an apartment and my lever machine no longer will fit my space.  I'm looking to move to something else like an Apartamento.  I will miss my Londinium greatly, but such is life! I've attached
      • Londinium L1 for sale.

        2014 Londinium L1 for sale. Very good condition. Only used in domestic situations. Located on Shropshire/ N. Wales border. £1,300. See attachement for more details.
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        Test Post
      • Testing Selling Machine

        I am testing the buy sell swap portal
      • for sale Londinium R due to leaving Spain

        I have a Londonium R for Sale  I am leaving Spain Barcelona  priced reasonably no issue with the Machine e mail phone 34 640894000