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        hi there, is anyone in the EU in need of that part? Doesn´t fit my LR24 but returning is no option cause of the costs. It is brand new, just bought two
      • Londinium R 2020 For Sale

        Excellent condition, wireless module, new no grease seals, run on RO water. Lovely machine. For sale is my Londinium R that I purchased new in April 2020. Its been used for an average of 2 shots a day since then and hasn't missed a beat. Comes with the
      • [FS] Weber Key - Onyx

        Selling my Weber Key Onyx with standard and magic tumbler. Also included is the new bean feeder. Purchased in October of 2022. Shipping not included. Shipping from CA. Asking $1500
      • LR 2018 with digital preinfusion for sale switzerland zurich

        LR 2018 with digital preinfusion for sale switzerland zurich - reason i would like to upgrade to LR24
      • Londinium L1 circa. 2014 for sale

        Londinium L1 for sale, wonderful condition. Comes with: Naked PF Londinium button tamper pluming in bits and bobs (for in line water supply) Lockseal grease supplied original double spout portafilter Decent basket IMS basket cafelat Shower screen two
      • New Double Spout Portafilter

        A brand new portafilter. I bought it because it wasn't included with my second hand LR, but the seller found it later and I received it anyway. I ask €67 for this portafilter , which is the price you pay brand new, minus VAT and shipping. If you are in
      • 2017, LR for sale, Berlin Germany

        Im selling my baby. This is my dream machine and I hate to but I can’t give it the attention it deserves. I’ve been busy and gone quite a lot the last couple years and unfortunately the LR has been sitting. Because it was sitting the  pump has died and
      • 2016 L1 for sale [SOLD]

        My L1 is for sale.  I bought it new in Sept 2016.  Always used RO water with additive (Third Wave or Global Customized).  It’s in excellent condition.  Comes with tool that makes changing seals a breeze!  Also comes with set of new seals and group head
      • 2016 Londinium L1 For Sale

        Located in Vancouver, Canada. I recently moved from a house to an apartment and my lever machine no longer will fit my space.  I'm looking to move to something else like an Apartamento.  I will miss my Londinium greatly, but such is life! I've attached
      • Londinium L1 for sale.

        2014 Londinium L1 for sale. Very good condition. Only used in domestic situations. Located on Shropshire/ N. Wales border. £1,300. See attachement for more details.
      • Test Post

        Test Post
      • Testing Selling Machine

        I am testing the buy sell swap portal
      • for sale Londinium R due to leaving Spain

        I have a Londonium R for Sale  I am leaving Spain Barcelona  priced reasonably no issue with the Machine e mail phone 34 640894000